No:EHP-700AD Double acting electric hydraulic pump
    Publish time 2022-03-08 11:10    

Item No:EHP-700AD Double acting electric hydraulic pump
EHP-700AD double-loop electric pump
Product Description:
Electric high-pressure pump function description:
1. Product design has a high and low pressure two-stage out of oil soon, the operation is also easy.
2. Such patterns are foot-operated, manual type, tubing attached to 2M long, you can purchase any longer.
3. Pressure can keep the middle to stop, the internal design of hydraulic high-pressure safety protection.
4. Operation output pressure 63Mpa, quick connector, PT3 / 8 "-19 teeth.
5. The oil must be replaced every six months.
Model: EHP-700AD
Maximum Output Pressure (Mpa): High 63 Low 2.5
Flow rate (L / min): 1
Fuel tank capacity (L): 15
Voltage v / hz: 220/50
Motor Power (kw): 0.75
Speed (r / min): 1400
Current (A): 2.1
Note: Two oil line manual