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  • 16 2022-02

    Upper hydraulic tells you the basic principle of hydraulic expander

    The hydraulic expander acts like a clamp. The expander arm is made of aluminum alloy with a tip of hot-rolled steel to achieve maximum strength for wedging into the interior of a vehicle or building. Hydraulic expanders are available in many different sizes de......

  • 05 2022-02

    A brief analysis of the split type hydraulic pull

    Separate hydraulic pump design, users can easily control, and built - in safety valve, to avoid damage.360° rotatable joint design allows users to operate in any direction.Elastic thimble design, accurate positioning center (removable type).

  • 26 2022-01

    The structure and working principle of manual hydraulic pump

    Manual hydraulic pump is a pressure source of hydraulic system that converts mechanical energy into pressure energy. Its principle: manual hydraulic oil pump through the export pressure gauge display oil pump output pressure. Hydraulic oil flow through the hig......

  • 09 2022-01

    Analysis of the problems of hydraulic jack in use

    First, the hydraulic dry catty roof can not be jacked, jacking slowly or quickly.
    The reasons for this phenomenon are:1. If the amount of oil in the oil pump is too small, add the required hydraulic oil according to the oil pump model.2. The pressure relief v......

  • 02 2022-01

    Usage method and specification for hydraulic hole openers

    Hydraulic opening device is a kind of advanced manual hydraulic tools that can open holes on the metal plate. It can play a role of opening holes that cannot be achieved by general stamping equipment.Its use method and operation specification are as follows:1.......