Upper hydraulic tells you the basic principle of hydraulic expander
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The hydraulic expander acts like a clamp. The expander arm is made of aluminum alloy with a tip of hot-rolled steel to achieve maximum strength for wedging into the interior of a vehicle or building. Hydraulic expanders are available in many different sizes depending on the amount of expansion tension and space they can be used to expand. We take the ML-32 Hearst lifesaving jaw hydraulic expander as an example. This special hydraulic expander can provide:

71 kilnewtons of expansion tension

64 kilonewtons of tension

81.9 cm of dilation distance

Other models of hydraulic expanders vary in the amount of expansion and tension they can provide. The main part of the ML-32 hydraulic expander is made of aluminum alloy, and the piston and piston push rod are forged from alloy steel. When the portable engine starts, oil flows through a set of hydraulic pipes into a hydraulic pump inside the unit. Although the output pressure varies from power plant to power plant, a typical power plant, such as a 5 HP gasoline engine, can produce about 34450 kpa. Two litres of petrol will run the engine for 45 minutes to an hour.

To open the expansion arm of the hydraulic expander, the operator slides the valve switch to move the hydraulic fluid from the hydraulic pipe into the cylinder, pushing the piston and push rod upward. The push rod is connected to the linkage and is connected to the expansion arm through the linkage. As the push rod moves upward, it rotates the linkage, allowing the expansion arm to open. To retract the expansion arm, the operator flips the valve in the opposite direction and the hydraulic fluid flows out of the other hydraulic pipe.

To use a hydraulic expander, rescuers wedge the folded expansion arm into an opening in a vehicle or building structure, such as a door frame. The expander can also clamp down on a structure and break the object between the expander arms.

Hydraulic expander has the most powerful expansion, tear and pull function in the rescue tools, can carry out high load rescue operation, made of high strength light alloy steel, light weight, large expansion tension; Can be used to move, lift obstacles, pry open gaps and expand into channels, so that the metal structure deformation, tear car surface steel plate; Opening and closing time is short; Two-way hydraulic lock and automatic reset control valve combination, with self-locking function, high operation safety, can expand in any position without retracting; The handle is convenient for left and right hand operation, and the movable parts are provided with protective sleeve to ensure operator safety. Can be used with traction chain. The products are widely used in traffic accident rescue, earthquake and other disaster rescue, accident rescue, moving and lifting obstacles, prying open gaps and expanding into channels to deform metal structures and tear car surface