Usage method and specification for hydraulic hole openers
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Hydraulic opening device is a kind of advanced manual hydraulic tools that can open holes on the metal plate. It can play a role of opening holes that cannot be achieved by general stamping equipment.
Its use method and operation specification are as follows:
1. Before opening the workpiece, hit an 11.5mm lead hole with a flashlight.
2. Screw the piston rod into the screw hole of the piston cylinder, and then sleeve the washer into the piston rod and then into the concave die. The piston pull rod is then inserted into the workpiece
The lead hole, finally screwed into the punch to make the punch edge and processing surface closely combined, punch workpiece, die three reliable fixed
3. Close the oil cutting according to the direction of the needle, and then press the press handle repeatedly to make the piston pump start to work, the oil pressure is longer, and the shear force between the concave and convex dies increases
Plus, the mold cuts holes in the workpiece until it is cut through.
4, according to the counterclockwise direction to loosen ▣ oil cutting, so that all the oil pressure royal load. After the above step operation procedure is completed the opening operation.
5, unscrew the punch, remove the hair plate in the concave die, and clean the die.
Maximum opening force: 15T
Working stroke: 25mm
Opening range: metal plate 3mm thick φ16.5- φ 60.8mm metal plate 2mm thick φ16.5-115.5mm shape maximum aperture