A brief analysis of the split type hydraulic pull
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☆ Separate hydraulic pump design, users can easily control, and built - in safety valve, to avoid damage.
☆ 360° rotatable joint design allows users to operate in any direction.
☆ Elastic thimble design, accurate positioning center (removable type).
☆ Operation output, from 4 Ton to 30 Ton, available for choice.
☆ Hook and claw seat, made of chromium manganese alloy steel, forged; Provide users with the most secure and durable choice.
☆ Forged hook, sandblasting chrome plating treatment, can ensure the benefits of rust and durability.
☆ Equipped with aluminum manual pump, light and durable, is the best choice for professional and industrial users.
☆ Equipped with special pressure gauge, users can accurately control the pressure, and prevent the use of overpressure, to ensure the safety of the operator.
☆ The user can according to the demand, separate purchase pull or hydraulic pump, to provide users with the most economic choice.