Analysis of the problems of hydraulic jack in use
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First, the hydraulic dry catty roof can not be jacked, jacking slowly or quickly.
The reasons for this phenomenon are:
1. If the amount of oil in the oil pump is too small, add the required hydraulic oil according to the oil pump model.
2. The pressure relief valve of the oil pump is not tightened or the oil pressure joint is loose and not tightened. This situation requires a careful check
Whether the interface leaks oil or the joint is loose.

Two,When the customer uses the dry catkins top according to the operation steps in the manual, the plunger of the dry catkins top also appears to be stuck
The air inside the jack must be discharged from the space. When we decompose the jack to repair the inner wall and the oil seal, the jack can be top
It is necessary to detect whether the tightening device between the oil paths leaks oil or not, and check the guarantee of each component
Where there is no oil leak.

Three, dry weight top can not retracted or slow and abnormal circumstances, such circumstances need to check whether the pressure relief valve is opened, fuel tank
If the amount of oil in the tank is too much, store the retracted hydraulic oil according to the size of the tank, and observe whether the oil pressure joint is tightened.

Four, dry weight top retracting spring damage decomposition jack maintenance, electric hydraulic pump can not start, the power supply is not connected or open, check
Power supply, switch relay, switch or carbon brush may be damaged, check and replace the damaged parts, power supply amperage is not enough to add another
The amperes of the motor in the power loop are too high, the motor is damaged, the motor is replaced, the pressure relief valve is set improperly, and the pressure relief valve is reset
Force, gear pump internal damage, repair gear pump, hydraulic oil into the motor part, gear pump shaft oil seal damage. fold
Open motor, gear pump to replace the damaged oil seal.