NO: ZCB6-5-A electric pump hydraulic pump
    Publish time 2022-03-08 11:20    
NO: ZCB6-5-A electric pump hydraulic pump

Numbers: ZCB6-5-A electric pump hydraulic pump (after moving type)

Product name: electric pump hydraulic pump

Type: ZCB6-5-A

Pressure rated: 63 MPa

Flow rate: 2.5 (L/min)

Voltage: V220/380

Tank has a capacity: (1) the seven

The motor power: KW0.75

Size: 30 X24X43 (L * W * H) mm

Technical parameters:

This is a pucker othermeasuring pump design work of high and low two stages at the amount of oil out quickly, any work pressure

Such form money foot, manual operation mode, tubing attached 2 M could be longer;

The pressure can keep money among stop, internal design high pressure safety protection hydraulic valves;

The lacquer that bake beautiful money iron tank;

Money CP-700-2 A and CFP-800 is used to introduce device it bend pipe or 50 tons of long hydraulic cylinder;

Attention tonnage or othermeasuring long model hydraulic cylinder, it is necessary to select the type;

Operation money output pressure 700 Kg/cm ²;

With 2 M high pressure oil money, with fast connection;

Use R32R super circulation oil money or SHLL T-15;

PT3/8 "money teeth;

Every half year must replace the oil money;