NO: ZCB-700 D1 double loop electric pump (after moving type)
    Publish time 2022-03-08 11:21    
NO: ZCB-700 D1 double loop electric pump (after moving type)

Numbers: ZCB-700 D1 double loop electric pump (after moving type)
Product name: double loop electric pump
1, model: ZCB-700 D1
2, rated pressure: high voltage 70 MPa low voltage 7 MPa
3, high pressure/low pressure flow rate: 0.6 L/min 4 L/min
4, motor power: 0.75 KW
5, voltage: 220 V / 380
6, frequency: frequency 50 Hz
7, and external dimension: 30 * 24 43 CM *
8, the fuel storage volume: 7 L
9, weight: 30 kg
Function that
1, ZCB-700 D1 product design a high, low pressure two stages oil out fast, the operation is convenient. The pressure can keep on middle stop, internal design high pressure safety BaoHuFa
2, the pump to observe the time stress at work changes, AD hoc have pressure gauge, so that customers to observe changes in job. Control switch also according to the needs of user,
With hand or foot control switch control switch.
3, features: the operation is output pressure 700 MPA fast connection PT3/8-19 teeth, every half an year is essential oil, double oil manual type.
4, pressure relief valve overload protection device to avoid overloading damage or excessive pressing 700 kg/cm ² to pressure relief
5, tubing can any longer, with fast connection. Before they leave the factory already with high-pressure tube: Φ 6 * 2 m a root.
6, with hose connector PT3/8 ' '19 teeth.